Kerakoll Adhesive Package with Free Primer

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Kerakoll Adhesive Package with Free Primer

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The Complete Tradesman's Tiling Package!

Includes: 2 x 25kg H40 Eco Rapidflex | 8 x 25kg Bioflex | 1 x 5kg Primer A Eco

Kerakoll Bioflex × 8

Eco-friendly mineral adhesive with an extremely low chemical additive content for high performance bonding with no vertical slip and long open time, for porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles and natural stone.


Kerakoll H40 Eco Rapidflex × 2

Extra fast setting and hardening mineral adhesive which develops high levels of deformability and returns surfaces rapidly to normal use, guaranteeing high adhesion and flexural values even on deformable substrates.

Kerakoll Primer A Eco

Certified, eco-friendly, water-based surface isolation for dry, absorbent mineral/cement/gypsum or anhydrite-based substrates, ideal for use in GreenBuilding. Single-component, solvent-free and with very low volatile organic compound emissions. Safeguards the health of both operators and the environment.

Product Description

Kerakoll Bioflex

  • Contains mineral bentonite:

Bioflex® contains exclusive mineral bentonite which, on contact with the mixing water, transforms into a highly thixotropic adhesive, maintaining shape and thickness under the tile and guaranteeing unbeatably smooth spreading.

  • Contains natural NHL lime:

Bioflex® contains mineral cement improved with natural NHL lime, which gives the mix greater plasticity and slide. It prevents thickening in the bucket and reduces the use of chemical additives.

  • Contains plant latex:

Bioflex® contains ingredients of plant origin that improve workability and open time. Bioflex® has an extremely low chemical additive content and does not emit dangerous substances and unpleasant odours

Kerakoll H40 Eco Rapidflex

Certified, eco-friendly, extra-fast setting and hardening mineral adhesive for high-performance, high-deformation laying or overlaying with no vertical slip, ideal for use in GreenBuilding. Single-component with low CO2 emissions and very low volatile organic compound emissions, contains locally-sourced recycled raw materials. Recyclable as an inert material at the end of its life.

  • Rapid flexible adhesive
  • Ideal for porcelain tiles, ceramics, large formats, low thickness slabs and stable natural stone
  • Ideal for plywood substrates

Kerakoll Primer A Eco

Primer A Eco develops an isolating, cohesive film which neutralizes the expansive chemical reaction of gypsum- or anhydrite-based substrates in contact with mineral mortars and adhesives. Reduces and regulates the absorption of highly porous substrates.

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Kerakoll Bioflex


Grey, White





Kerakoll H40 Eco Rapidflex






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